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Fraserdale Conductor

  • Project Location : Ontario
  • Project Country : Canada
  • Date Acquired : November 23, 2018
  • Commodity : TBA

About The Project

This property consists of 14 contiguous one unit claims acquired by Supreme using Ontario’s MNDMF’s MLAS online claim acquisition service. No additional fees or royalties to other parties were involved in this acquisition.
  • Project Overview
  • From The CEO

The Fraserdale Conductor Property is located in northern Ontario 76 kilometres north of Smooth Rock Falls about 12 km northeast of the Fraserdale railway station and 8 km north of the Abitibi Canyon hydroelectric dam. Logging roads and trails offer access to the site.

The property was acquired due to the presence 2 moderate to strong continuous nonmagnetic east-west linear conductors occurring over a length of at least 1.5 kilometres on crown land available for acquisition. Limited information is known of the geology on this property and surrounding area. Located about 132 kilometres to the east, lies the prolific Detour Lake Gold mine.

This conductor was originally located as part of the regional geophysical project pathfinder program undertaken by the Keevil Mining Group Ltd. in 1967 as described in their Report 103P.1 No drilling was ever recorded on this property.

Quotations for a ground confirmatory electromagnetic survey have been received to delineate future drill targets.

“This property contains a strong enigmatic nonmagnetic conductor. Maps prepared by the Ontario Geological Service show this area being within granulite facies rocks. This type of geophysical signature in this metamorphic environment has favourable economic potential. Further geophysical targeting and drilling would be required to determine if the conductor is due to flake graphite or copper – zinc VMS mineralization or possibly due to the presence of the non-magnetic mineral, hexagonal pyrrhotite. I believe this property, with its limited previous exploration is a great asset for the company, having excellent potential at a minimal acquisition cost."

- Bob Komarechka, CEO