Silver Dawn

About Silver Dawn

Silver Dawn is located 10 km from Albemarle’s lithium brine processing facility, North America’s sole lithium producer. The claims are adjacent to the west of Lithium-X’s south block and 5km west of Pure Energy’s property holdings from which was reported an Inferred Resource of 816,000 tons lithium carbonate equivalent in a recently published National Instrument 43-101 Report. The project consists of 150 mineral claims and covers approx. 3,000 acres to the Southwest of the Silver Peak mine, and adjacent to Lithium X Energy Corp.


The Project lies along the northwest flank of the Clayton Valley basin. Clayton Valley is an interior drainage basin in which brines have been concentrated during the Pleistocene Era to form the Lithium-rich brines that are being processed at Albemarle’s facility.

Volcanic ash deposits, thermal springs and weathering have contributed lithium to the basin brines over the millennia. Brines pumped from several subsurface aquifers in the basin have supplied the Albemarle processing facility since 1967. A result from recent drilling by Pure Energy confirms that these aquifers extend across a large area of the basin and have been demonstrated to contain high levels of lithium.