About Columbus

The Columbus property covers approximately 1,920 acres, located within the Columbus salt marsh, near Coaldale and west of ground controlled by Ultra Lithium. The principal target at the Columbus project is a large circular gravity-low anomaly, which is interpreted as an infilled basin, which may contain lithium-rich brine. The Big Smoky Valley was preliminarily drilled in 1979 by the U.S. Geological Survey, and anomalous lithium values were encountered in the basin sediments.


  • A total of 24 surface sample assays were taken using augers and hand equipment to a maximum depth of approximately 2m.
  • Samples consisted of white salts, brown and green clays as well as coarse-grained sands.
  • Anomalous lithium values encountered in surface pits and augur holes.*

*Sampling values at depth may be greater or less than these.