Supreme Metals is a Canadian-based exploration company with a focused approach in the area of green and energy metals in the Western world adjacent to anticipated downstream manufacturing projects that will have a significant need for these metals.


Several strategically located sites with excellent potential for high grade occurrences. Some sites even have existing infrastructure or proximity to existing mines which effectively hedges the Company’s exploration risk.


Recent increased market demand for politically secure cobalt supplies warrants an immediate exploration effort in this historic cobalt-hosting region, which until now has not been examined properly for its cobalt potential, because of robust iron ore markets.


The market for rechargeable batteries and the metals they contain is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, as electric cars continue to be adopted by the mainstream public.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main components of rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries contain as much as 60% Cobalt as well as other energy metals. Lithium-Ion batteries are used by companies like Tesla in the electric and hybrid-electric vehicles that they produce, with annual production volume expected to increase exponentially over the next few years. Cobalt’s ability to withstand intense temperatures and conditions also makes it perfect for high-performance alloys used in space vehicles, rocket/jet engines, turbine engines, power plants, and permanent magnets.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries of varying chemistries represent the single largest use of cobalt and is the primary driver of the market for energy metals. The rechargeable battery market is experiencing rapid growth due to the rapid uptake of electric vehicles by the mainstream market, requiring larger batteries with higher energy capacity. This demand is the primary driver of Energy Metal prices today and in the future.

By the year 2020, Cobalt use in rechargeable battery applications alone is expected to be bigger than the current entire world market for refined Cobalt. Market data shows new utility storage devices being launched, automotive companies becoming battery producers, as well as major commercial interest in backup and off-grid power. This convergence of multiple large technologies as well as the proliferation of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles is indication that the market for energy metals will be significantly larger in the near future than it is today.

Current Projects
Project Location Mineral
Silver Shadow Clayton Valley, Nevada Lithium
Silver Dawn Clayton Valley, Nevada Lithium
Columbus Big Smoky Valley, Nevada Lithium
Bloom Lake East Quebec/Labrador Cobalt
Mount Thom Nova Scotia Cobalt
Foster Marshall Cobalt, Ontario Cobalt