Technologies Reaching Convergence

Battery Demand
Because of the mainstream adoption of Electric and Hybrid-Electric Vehicles, demand for rechargeable batteries and the metals they contain is on the rise. By the year 2020, Tesla alone is expecting to produce over 500,000 fully electric vehicles per year.
Energy Metals
Energy metals such as Lithium, Cobalt, and Scandium are used in the manufacturing process to increase the energy capacity, charging efficiency, and life of rechargeable batteries. Li-Ion batteries can contain up to 60% Cobalt by weight.
Electric energy is a renewable energy resource, and the metals that we are targetting help the sustainability by providing the needed resources for electric vehicles, household and commercial energy storage, and portable electronics.

About us

Supreme Metals is a Canadian-based exploration company with a focused approach in the area of green and energy metals in the Western world adjacent to anticipated downstream manufacturing projects that will have a significant need for these metals. Recent increased market demand for politically secure cobalt supplies warrants an immediate exploration effort in North America, which until now has not been examined properly for its cobalt potential, because of a lack of demand.

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